About me
My journey is one of continuous self-discovery, a narrative that weaves through changing careers, pursuing my passion, and summoning the courage to embrace the change necessary for a fulfilling creative voyage. From my earliest days, I was instinctively drawn to design. Sketching, manipulating textures, playing with colors – these were the threads that stitched together my creative fabric. This natural inclination eventually guided me toward architecture. Within its realm, I reveled in crafting spaces, deciphering user desires, and sculpting the language of spatial expression.
Yet, it was during the culmination of my Architectural Thesis “Extracting Identities” that my path became crystal clear. Tasked with understanding the plight of handloom weavers, I immersed myself in their world. I listened to their needs, empathized with their struggles, and curated designs that could change their lives. This process was an epiphany, revealing my true calling.
This awakening spurred me on a new trajectory. Pursuing advanced studies in architecture and delving into the professional arena, I began to feel an ever-widening gap between my heart and the work I was engaged in. My quest for design led me to explore opportunities into graphic design and product design, reaffirming my faith in this transformative art.
Yet, a watershed moment arrived when I recognized the need for a seismic shift. My career needed recalibration, and I charted this course with determination. Certifications, consultant roles, and purposeful preparation all paved the way to where I stand today – a Product Designer.
My eight-year journey as a designer, infused with architectural wisdom, has honed my ability to sculpt experiences for people grounded in their needs and challenges. Whether it's tangible spaces or digital interfaces, the intent remains unchanged – a positive impact, both physically and emotionally. My holistic approach to design echoes through my work, understanding the profound interplay between environment and behavior.
As a UX Designer, I transcend the boundaries of Art and Technology, melding them into innovative solutions that unite a diverse global community in cultural and digital harmony. The digital realm is ripe for meaningful change, a catalyst to solve world-spanning issues. I channel this potential through intuitive, efficient, and captivating designs that beckon users to engage.
My journey encapsulates not just a professional evolution, but a metamorphosis of self, fueled by an unwavering passion for creation. I revel in the art of pushing limits, unraveling solutions, and crafting immersive experiences that resonate far beyond the screen.

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